sewing leather at home (I promise it’s easy!)

My giant pile of leather begging to be transformed!! 

I wanted to share some tips for sewing leather so other projects can be referenced back here. I had a lot of leather from my leather couch project! So I have quite a few projects to complete!! 

When people see that I make goods out of leather the first reactions I get are “you MADE that?” and “what kind of machine do you have?” 

Well, the answer to the first is yes, and the answer to the second is in short-nothing fancy! I’m going to share some tips for leather that I’ve picked up along the way! 

In this post I wanted to share my recommended supplies for getting stared, and then in my next post I will share some techniques for hand sewing, since if you don’t have a machine this will be the cheaper way to go! 

Recommended supplies for machine sewing: 

• leather foot, this is a plastic foot that glides a little easier over your leather instead of getting stuck to the metal on a regular foot. -make sure you are getting the right brand for your machine. 

• leather sewing machine needle- meant for sewing leather, the shape of the needle tip is special for leather 

• scrap fabric- I will use to put under my project to help it glide along my machine (just make sure you don’t have it placed to close to the foot and sew it into your project!) 

• sewing machine- most machines can sew leather, especially thinner leathers. I will hand sew thicker leathers that are not compatible with my machine. (currently sewing on a singer scholastic) 

Recommended supplies for hand sewing leather : 

• sewing awl- this is a really sharp needle that is attached to a handle of sorts meant for sewing leather.

• waxed thread

• leather punch – I like the kind that requires the use of a hammer, the one with the grip I find a little hard to get through some of my leather projects. (if you use this then you will also need a hammer, and a hard surface I use a piece of scrap metal as a base) 

For both techniques:

• I recommend getting sharp scissors that you would use only for leather, and/or a rotary blade you would only use for leather to keep them sharp! 

• I also use tape to keep my pattern in place while cutting, since pins would leave unwanted holes.

• I also like binding clips (originally meant for quilting) – to hold pieces together while I’m working for the same reason above with the pins! 

sewing leather is very do-able! Start with smaller simpler projects (like keychains| wallets| coin pouches)  to get the hang of it and then get creative !! 

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