Happy Halloween-Eve 

I wanted so share a quick overview of my outside fall decor this year and a quick pumpkin seed recipe! 

First off the fall decor! I was going for simple (and lazy) this year .. a few outside things just to spruce up the front yard a lil’ 

picked up my wooden signs at michaels and Joann fabrics! 

I also scored this halfbushel basket from a free market for 1$! added a mum and done! 

We went to aldi for pumpkins this year.. (how romantic!) and carved them while watching movies and sipping on apple cider! 

I also wanted to share my FAVORITE fall treat! roasted pumpkin seeds! 

this is really simple but so good! 

when we clean our pumpkins to prep for carving we have a separate bowl for seeds! Once we collect all of those we soak in salt water for a few hours. 

Pre heat your oven , 250-300 degrees 

I then add half a stick of butter to a sheet pan, and pop in the oven to let melt. While that’s in the oven I strain my seeds! (don’t worry if a little pumpkin is still stuck to the seeds!) 

Once the butter is melted I put the seeds on the pan, and sprinkle with salt! Cook until golden brown and crunchy! (usually a few hours) 


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