cricut writing tips and tricks 

since I was so in love with our invitations I thought I would share my trial-and-errors with writing with my cricut! -this was the first time that I had used this feature on the cricut! 

I ordered these deep purple cards to be our rsvp cards, and not really thinking – regular ink wasn’t going to show on the paper (silly me🙄) 

So in my mind I had a few options- a custom stamp with gold ink, hand lettering each card, kinkos (if those are still a thing) and let the professionals handle it, or break out my cricut! 

After a run to Michaels to pick up some pens, and a few tests on paper I was ready to crank out these RSVP cards! 


FONTS: in order for the cricut machine to “write” in one line you have to pick “has a writing style” from the drop down. 

or you can use any font — but it may not be “filled in” I used both a cricut writing font, and a font I had downloaded that was thin enough that when it outlined the letters they looked filled in. -or you can go back in and touch up the bigger letters

PENS: This one depends on the project.  For these I decided on the gellyroll pen in metallic gold. It was thin enough for the smaller letters but worked well on the bigger rsvp as well. (and it was the right shade of gold) 

PEN ADAPTER: Cricut makes a housing for the cricut brand pens (which I have) but it doesn’t fit on the other pens I bought! The sharpie fit on its own, but for the other pens I wrapped a piece of scrap fabric around my pen and tapped in place!(you gotta do what you gotta do) 

BEWARE: if you use a gel-like pen; my roller became covered in ink! and smudged on some of the cards! 

RIPPING PAPER: use the blue mat or an older less sticky mat- I don’t do much paper crafting with my cricut so I was worried about the paper getting stuck to my new green mats. I had my original mat which is covered in fuzz and glitter, it was just the right amount of sticky!(which is barely anything) but I also bought the blue cricut mat- which is meant for more delicate projects!

PATIENCE: this is time consuming! -I’m not sure if it was just because I’m a perfectionist (and creating the file took a day and a half) but the writing process took a while too! so stack up as many cards on your mat as possible! (I got 6 at a time) 

overall I am impressed! the cricut did a really good job even on this paper which is textured! Looking back I shouldn’t have picked a dark card and I could have printed them off the computer but oh well – hindesight is 20/20 ! They still look super cute! 

I can’t wait to use the Cricut to write in more projects! and these gellyroll pens make me want them in every color! 

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