guest placecards 

One more Wedding DIY! Can you tell we did a lot ourselves?! 

My table cards were made of the same wood veneer as out invitations.

originally we were going to slice corks to use as stands, but our venue was outside and I feared they would blow away! Our venue had an old door with string that they suggested we could slip out cards on. 

I used leftover wood veneer from our invitations, which I cut to size (sissors worked just fine!)

I debated using my cricut here to write all of our guests names and tables on the wood, but in the end I hand-lettered these myself using a Gelly- Metallic gold pen. 

After trying a few different writing options, I was going to have to make these darker for the Metallic Pen to show up, and everything else seemed to bleed into the wood grain. 

We used jacobean stain for a rich dark look to really help the metallic gold pen pop! 

Cute, relatively easy, and cost effective for us!! 

Get creative in your guest cards! These were all scraps and didn’t cost us anything! 

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