lawn games 

We had lawn games at our wedding , and I thought I would share this quick DIY tic-tac-toe. 

Perfect for a wedding, or to make at home for a number of backyard parties!! Not just the classic bean bag game- which we did make too 🙈 . 

I began searching for lawn games on pinterest, I didn’t want anything to complicated to build- although I did drool a little over a huge connect four game. 

Anyways tic-tac-toe seemed easy enough. Some of the ones I saw were sprayed in the grass but that wasn’t a option for us. We had a pallet, which is rustic and *free* 

Donny taped off the lines and spray painted gold . (which was a little hard to see against the wood- I suggest a brighter color.) 

We bought 5 x’s and 5 o’s at michaels and some acrylic paint. (I believe these were 9″ ones) 

Painted those up and voila! easy-peasy! 

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