Seed Bombs

Searching for wedding favor ideas, I stumbled upon the idea of “let love grow”. Some of these favors includes small succulent plants, confetti with seeds. I knew that I didn’t want something that was going to be thrown out, and I didn’t want something that was going to cost us a small fortune. 

I started researching seed bombs! It would fit perfectly with a garden| rustic theme, and you’re  supposed to get rid of it! (no clutter for your guests!!) 

At first I was going to create my own seed matrix, which is totally possible! But I found this one that’s already mixed and was a super fair price! 

This would also be such a fun project for the kids in the summer! I want to make more of these and use them for my own garden! 

* seed matrix | this is a mixture of dirt, clay, and fertilizer if your making your own!

*seeds – I used wild flower seeds for the midwest 

*trays with parchment paper


*water- if your seed matrix becomes too dry. 

I put my seed bombs in small cotton bags , stamped with a custom stamp I bought on etsy!

start by taking small bits of the seed matrix, and add in 1-3 seeds (you might want to read up on how the seeds will germinate + what kind of environment you will plant them in) 

 roll into a ball, and place on the tray with parchment paper

Let them dry for a few hours . When you’re ready to use them just throw them in your yard! Jt’s so easy! I did a test and planted one, a flower even bloomed! win! 

Or package them up and use as favors! Don’t forget to add little instructions of use! I printed mine and used a tag punch! 

** side note! you can store these in a cool dry place before your ready to use them

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