if only I could live in a pile of barnwood 

I love to collect postcards from places I’ve been. They are small, cheap, and you can pretty much find them anywhere! 

When we moved I knew I wanted a way to display them, and my collection is always growing so I wanted a way to add | remove them. 

My current collection is sitting in a box 😦 

I decided that the top of our stairs was going to be the place that they could go. I had to decide how to display them, I went back and forth between framing them, or somehow adding them to an old window that I have laying around. 

pre- floating shelves | you can see that DIY here

this big blank wall has been taunting me!! 

I finally found this really cool local, rough sawn barnwood with so much character (thanks Chicago Wood Co.!) which was just the kind of wood I had been dreaming of!

just 100 years of  dirt and barn-life on these boards! 

 A little wire brush, and elbow grease to clean it up first. 

and a quick wash down with a bucket of hot water. 

a little close up of before | after cleaning. 

To bring out the natural finish of the wood, I applied a coat of Minwax- Paste Finishing Wax in natural. This kept the look of the original barnwood, all while giving it a little pop and sheen. There was no need to really “seal” this project with anything since it was decorative  

I added bulldog clips , to keep a vintage feel, and hung them with these cool hand forged nails (also from Chicago Wood Co.

I sprayed the nails with a clear spray paint to keep the rust in tact. 

These clips make it so easy to add and remove the postcards as I get more! (anyone up for a vacation?) 

When I went to hang them originally I wanted them to hang vertical, but we decided since they are heavy horizontal would be better so we can get them attached to the studs. 

how cool is this display? I’m so happy with it, and super excited about the old barnwood! I can’t wait to use some in other projects!! 

If you don’t have barnwood you could always get new wood and distress it to look old! (gray stain, chalk paint, and hit it with a hammer) that was going to be my second choice! 

I also added a cute basket on the shelves by the stairs to hold some more of my postcards – no more hiding in a box!! 

or stair way is finally totally complete! 

check out my mini-crate project

or my floating shelves

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