from cigar box to mini-crates

Remember a few years ago when cigar boxes were really popular to repourpose? (I made a purse out of one!) Well, I’m bringing back that craft medium for this post! 

I originally asked my dad for a few cigar boxes (I was going to use them as gift boxes for a bridesmaid gift, well my gift didn’t fit) and I ended up with way more boxes than I originally asked for.

I liked that these ones looked like little crates! the other ones I have aren’t as rustic feeling. 

So they sat under my desk at work for about 6 months; & now they finally have a new home! 

I love the chippy, antiqued paint look that chalk paint and a little sanding creates, so that’s where this craft is headed. 

I created my own chalk paint- since I wanted a few different colors (you can get “sample” wall paint at Lowes for 4$-bonus it’s 1cup!) 

Add in plaster of Paris (2&1/2T) and cool water (1&1/2T) to 1 cup of Paint and viola!, infinite chalk paint projects! 

This made more than enough paint for each crate. If you have a smaller project like mine you could cut this “recipe” in half.

I removed the stickers on these boxes, and painted. Let dry, and sanded the edges where I wanted the distressed look-I used 3 different grits of sandpaper to distress these crates. 

painted and dried! 

Chalk paint is great because there is no prep work involved- I also wasn’t meticulous with my painting since I was planning to sand and distress anyways. 

I have about 7 of these matching boxes so I wanted them in different colors! I also have 2 other boxes (different brands and shapes; I need to figure out what to do with!) 

Fo now, I placed 3 of them, on my floating shelves in the stair way! A cute way to conceal some clutter! 

Check back to see what I do with the rest! 

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