So I’ve turned into a crazy person, and I found these wine glasses on sale , so ya know I had to buy a few *boxes* but anyways.. 

I wanted to embellish them using my cricut! I decided that I would try to etch them so they become dishwasher safe (rather than just applying a vinyl) 

I used armour etch (thanks amazon prime!) 

and oracle 751 to create my “stencil” (bought on etsy)

I buckled and bought this design on etsy (My Little Pink House) , after attempting to find the *perfect* font on

I didn’t use the whole file, but how cute could this be as an iron-on, or etched on any kind of serveware?! 

(cue endless hours searching svg’s one etsy; too many cute options) 

you can find this file here! and check out the rest of her shop for other really cute svg files! 

I’m really glad I bought the design file! It turned out really cute, I already have some other ideas for it, and I didn’t have to waste time creating an image I had in my head! 

So after I cut and weeded out my design, I had to use a transfer tape to apply the design to my glasses –I used cricut brand since I had a roll of it already.

I focused on getting the edges of the letters as flat as possible, and pressed them down with a credit card. 

I applied the Armour Etch (with a q-tip) and waited about 5 minutes (squishing around randomly-see my tips at the bottom of the page) and rinsed off. I peeled off the stencil, dried with a towel, and that’s it! The etched image really pops after the glass is dried! 

Gift it, or fill the sucker up with your favorite wine! 

Now, what designs do I put on the rest of them?! 


Wear gloves! 

Make sure that the stencil is securely placed so the etching cream doesn’t leak out , it’s fast acting and will start to etch the moment it touches the glass. 

Press the stencil down with a credit card , or hard plastic to get a crisp image!

Create a stencil with a large boarder (don’t try to be cheap with your vinyl!) having a wider boarder prevents the etching cream from going where you don’t want it:) 

Leave the etching cream on for 5 mins and mush around (for lack of a better term) to evenly coat and remove any air bubbles that may cause uneven etching.

Etching eats away at the top layer of the glass making it dishwasher safe! Which is why I love this technique vs. applying a vinyl image! 

edit:  Macy’s has had the worst customer service. I have gotten the run-around about these wine glasses since December! After my orders failed to be delivered – 1 in-store and 2 online- Macy’s still didn’t resolve the issue. In the end I had to find them in a store and drove 2 hours for these! They definitely lost a loyal customer. 

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  1. Aunt Debbie says:

    Nice work! Love them!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. PaperPuff says:

    These look brilliant!


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