shelves on shelves 

so I have been obsessed lately with the look of floating shelves. I thought that they would be a perfect fit for this little nook that we have going up our stairs. This area was calling for a little makeover, and the more storage the better! 

I wanted the floating shelves here for the fact that when you are coming up the stairs you would see the shelves from the bottom and I wanted them to look as seamless as possible (cue the search for floating shelves) 

can’t you hear this space screaming “decorate me!!” 

Originally I found a set that I really liked at Target, (but the fact that nothing can just be easy; I didn’t like that the shelf would only be 6″ wide.) the nook is almost 9.5″ wide.

So I went to the hardware store with little luck, and much confusion. I’ve seen many different ways to make floating shelves, and I didn’t want anything to bulky, or complicated. I needed reinforments! 

After I went back with Donny we decided to buy a board, and have it cut in store (your first 5 cuts are free! thank you Lowes!) 

since I am over this cold weather, our kitchen has become a work zone, with saw horses and a staining area! 

Donny drilled out holes on the shelves for the brackets, and I stained them a rich brown (Special Walnut ; of course) and I sealed them with a Spar varnish. 

We then trimmed them to width which was 8″ and since none of the walls in our house are square, they had to be trimmed on the edges to fit snug into the corner . 

We decided on these brackets for the shelves (thanks amazon prime!) I wanted to use this space as a book shelf; so they had to be pretty sturdy, but not thick and obnoxious. 

excuse the awful lighting in our stair way!! 

Hung these babies up, and it’s another project off the list! Let the organization begin!! 

The brackets are rated to 80lbs, but because of the strange placement of the shelves on the studs, I’m going to be careful about what is put on these. (heavy books can go on the bottom!) 

fun geode, not yet sliced open serves as a great book end! 

a basket of postcards, and a little decor!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. i’ve been obsessed with floating shelves too. Yours turned out great!


  2. The floating shelves turned out great! I have a new DIY Blog as well – would love to link up!


  3. claire horn says:

    love this and especially as you have actually made them yourselves, this way you get exactly what you want and you know the quality of the workmanship. You get the colour stain you want as well. Brilliant and inspiring,


  4. Brittany Giles says:

    Floating shelves look awesome! Definitely will try making one for some books this weekend, thanks!


  5. These look so nice! I really need to hang some stuff on my walls… I’ve lived in my house over a year and a half and still not hung one thing! WTF!


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