wood you look at that?

We had our hardwood floors refinished!! 

Rejoice! these look brand-spankin’ new! After the debate of doing the floors ourselves vs. having them done; we settled on the latter. 

We did decide though to try our (Donny’s) hand at doing the repair work; figuring if we struggled too hard that we could have them done professionally. 

There was a weird space in the master bedroom that was once a wall that had been taken down. The flooring didn’t match up to feather it in properly, and the past owners had wide-plank hardwood in place; running in the opposite direction. Our hardwood floors are a vintage skinnier hardwood (about 1 & 3/4″) 

unfortunately I didn’t get a better “before” picture of this. 

We decided it would look better with the thinner boards in there, still having to run them in the opposite direction.

during construction, but before the refinishing . 

after our fix, and after the new stain! I love how rich this color turned out! 

We also had tile in the “entry-way” by the front door. I did not find it very cute, or clean looking to begin with. 

Everyone I talked to (including the professional) said to just change out the tile for other tile, since I was not a fan of this mucky brown color. 

I thought if we just started chipping away at the tile, we would have to fix it! haha 

Well I don’t like to take no for an answer, and Donny said we should just try to feather in the hardwood ourselves (which was fine by me!) 

We were lucky enough to have the exact match of wood in our master closet (hiding under carpet) and in a small cubbie hole under the stairs (which we removed and patched with drywall) We had enough to use it in both the entry and the master. 

This took a few days, and a lot of research, but even this looks 100 times better to me! 

You can barely even see where we made our patch ! This looks so good! 

check out my overall before picture in this post
some afters :

This process masked all of the scratches, and dark patchy stains on the floor, between the sanding and the darker stain these look like we just had them installed (minus the creaks!) 

Besides the lingering smell, and a few “miscommunication” issues with our flooring guy, these turned out even better than we expected! 

We had to touch-up our trim paint after the staining process – you can check out that post here

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  1. Aunt Debbie says:

    Looks awesome! You are really moving along!


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