trim painting day! hey hey hey hey! 

today is the day to paint the trim! whooo. I personally enjoy painting (Donny , not so much) I love to see how a quick coat of paint can make such a huge difference! 

the goal was to get up early, to get all the trim painted (living room, master bedroom, stairs, and small hall) all before noon! HA! (jokes on me – i have absolutely no time management …)

we had our hardwood floors refinished (sanded down, stained, and re-polyurethaned) there was stain all over the the baseboard trim. 

note to self for the next time: just take off the trim before the floors are refinised! (Man! painting trim is tediuois!) 


 trim paint (i used gilden-white in high gloss to match the rest of the house) 

a million (okay 2) rags -as to keep our newly finished floors paint free 

paint brushes! -I managed with a 2″ angled brush 

patience (probably the most important!) 


note all the dirty looking stain along the edge 

(but check out dem floors😍) 


so fresh and clean! I love paint! 

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