Namaste all Day (on a clean mat!) 

This was my first DIY post from my old blog, but i wanted to repost here! 

I’m going to keep this pretty simple.
This DIY comes from necessity. My mat is grimy and I needed a natural cleaner! so I headed to Pinterest for inspiration, and mixed up a cleaner for myself! 

I use my yoga mat maybe 2 times a week, and somehow I always leave with footprints covering my mat. I try to keep my mat clean most of the time. I wanted a something that I could spray on my mat after each use, and something that wasn’t sticky, or soapy. 

I came up with this yoga mat cleaning spray, that I put in a small bottle that’s easy to throw into my gym bag! 

Here’s the DIY: 

1. gather your supplies:

*white vinegar


*essential oils (I used lemon from doterra) I bought a starter kit here

*spray bottle of your choice (I used a small spray bottle that I can just pack into my gym bag!) 

 Different oils for cleaning :

( I find that Amazon has pretty fair pricing on these all under $25 ☺️)

*lemon| anti viral and antibacterial 

*melaleuca (tea tree) | fight germs, bacteria and viruses  

*rosemary | antibacterial and antiseptic

*peppermint | antibacterial 

*eucalyptus | natural germicide

these are just a few, with a little research in sure there are many more! 

2. mix the water and white vinegar. I use a ratio of 2:1 with 2 being water and 1 being vinegar (a ratio is better than an exact measurement depending on the size bottle you choose! )

 3. add in your cleansing essential oils! I used about 6 drops of lemon for my mini bottle. I wanted enough to mask the scent of the vinegar! 
*here you can mix the oils, or play around with what ever scents you prefer! 

4. Shake the mixture before each use! Spray generously onto your mat, and either wipe clean with a soft towel, or let air dry flat! 

5. Go kick some asana with your new (ish) clean mat! 💕 

if you use this DIY please share on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #DIYenthusiast

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